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BonaFide Dog Academy Training Tip of the Day

Before you ask your dog to perform a behavior, ask yourself "Do I have everything I need at hand to make sure my dog does what I ask him to do?" For example, if you are going to ask your dog to sit, is he on leash or close enough to you that you can get your hands on him to gently help him sit if he doesn't respond to your command? If not, don't ask him to sit until you put a leash on him or are able to get close enough to him to help him sit if he needs it. Every time you ask your dog to do something and he doesn't do it, you are actually teaching your dog that he can ignore you. But if you always set yourself up to help your dog follow through if he doesn't do the behavior on his own, you are teaching your dog that he must comply each and every time you tell him to do something.

Want more tips, tricks and training tutoring for you and your dog? Then come on in and check out all the great training classes we offer at BonaFide! We have group classes, in-home private sessions, behavioral consultations and online training opportunities - all designed to help you unleash the potential in your dog.

And be sure to stop by our About Us page to learn more about the numerous national certifications, competitive accomplishments, books and lectures and teaching experience our instructors bring to each and every class they teach. With our extremely low student-to-instructor ratio, you will directly benefit from all the skills and knowledge our instructors have through individual attention each and every class session!

Still not sure BonaFide is for you? Feel free to use our handy How to Choose a Dog Training Class guide to help you figure out where you will get the most benefit from dog training classes. While we hope you will choose BonaFide, there are many other training options in the Omaha area. It is most important that you choose a class that you will feel comfortable with so you and your dog will learn to work together. This guide will give you questions you can ask about training classes to help you make this important decision.

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