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Looking for help beyond basic obedience training for your terrier or sporting dog? Wondering why your Jack Russell Terrier barks at anything that moves or your Golden Retriever tries to play with every other dog he meets? The answers to these breed-based behavioral questions and so much more can be found in the training books written by Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell, Esq. CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA, owner of BonaFide Dog Academy! Dawn's books have garnered national attention and praise. Learn more about the dog you have on the end of your leash and what you need to teach him beyond sit and come to have the perfect canine companion! The books include photos of many former and current BonaFide students who have trained with Dawn over the years.

Teach Your Herding Breed to be a Great Companion Dog - From Obsessive to Outstanding In her latest book, author Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell offers solutions to solving and preventing problem behaviors associated with herding breeds, such as German Shepherds, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Shetland Sheepogs, and Corgis, living in the modern world.

From Birdbrained to Brilliant: Teaching the Sporting Dog to Be a Great Companion will help you better understand the sporting dog in your life - Golden, Lab, Viszla, Cocker, or any other breed developed mainly to help the hunter retrieve game.

Terrier-Centric Dog Training: From Tenacious to Tremendous is the perfect training supplement for your Jack Russell, Airedale, Westie, and any other terrier breed developed to help hunt and kill vermin.

All books are shipped USPS Priority Mail from Omaha, NE. Please be sure to include your full shipping address when you make your purchase so we can get your copy right out to you!

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Winner of the DWAA 2015 Captain Haggerty Award for Best Training Book or Article

Help! He's herding the neighborhood kids!!
Herding breed dogs such as Border Collies, Corgis, and Australian Shepherds have incredibly strong instinctive behaviors to do the work they were bred for - controlling various kinds of livestock. These behaviors manifest themselves in modern herding breed dogs kept as companions or family pets in a number of ways. These include chasing cars and bicyclists, herding kids, nipping at vulnerable heels, barking incessantly, and acting as the "fun police" in dog parks. All behaviors that are entirely appropriate and necessary when dealing with sheep or cattle, not so great in a suburban neighborhood. Fortunately, these instincts can be redirected in a number of ways that keep these energetic dogs busy and happy as well as out of trouble. That is why so many of these dogs can be taught to excel in agility and obedience trials, love to retrieve, and make great running companions. In her latest book, author Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell offers solutions to solving and preventing problem behaviors associated with herding breeds living in the modern world. And no, even though your Border Collie or Corgi might love it, you don't need to buy a farm!

Praise for From Obsessive to Outstanding

As the owner of two obsessive but outstanding herding dogs, I found myself nodding along in agreement with this book from start to finish. Dawn offers tips to allow a handler to work with, rather than against a dog's herding instincts and her easy-to-read writing style and the depth of information she shares makes this book a must read for anyone who works or lives with herding dogs.
Nicole Laarocco-Skeehan, CPDT-KA and member of the Board of Directors, CCPDT

A super resource that explains how instinctive behaviors impact dogs in their every day activities. I especially like the training tips-very clear and helpful explanations to manage problems often brought out by a variety of herding instincts.
Lynn Leach, owner of Downrriver Stock Dog Training an creator of the popular All Breed Herding DVD series

A wonderful mix of training information, management suggestions, psychology, and commonsense advice for herding dog owners. Easy to read and filled with gems of information for all dog owners-like eliminating annoying barking! I highly recommend this book for trainers and owners of any breed of dog.
Gail Tamases Fisher, CDBC and author of The Thinking Dog

If you have chosen to bring a herding breed in to your life and home this is the book for you! Dawn takes the reader through the history of herding breeds in order to help you understand the why behind some of the obsessive-compulsive behaviors your herding breed may be exhibiting. Better yet, Dawn then offers up specific exercises and training techniques to help herding breed owners become as valuable as livestock in the eyes of their herding dog. You owe it to your herding breed to read this book!
Gerianne Darnell, author of Canine Crosstraining: Achieving Excellence in Multiple Dog Sports

He can retrieve - but can he sit, lie down, and stay?

Sporting dog breeds can be relatively easy to train to do what they have been bred to do be it retrieve, point, flush - even act as a decoy to attract game! In addition, most sporting breeds have a gregarious personality and love people and other dogs. These attributes make these dogs very popular pets, but at the same time, present all sorts of problems when they are not working in the field. Have you ever tried to ask your Lab to sit and stay near a pond with the ducks? Why is it that Goldens are notorious for jumping up on people (not to mention other dogs) when greeting them? Does your sporting dog eat every smelly item he encounters before you can stop him? In this new book, author Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell offers answers to solving and preventing the often surprising set of problems that owners of sporting dogs encounter at home and in their local communities.

You will learn:

  • Many of the overly friendly traits associated with sporting dogs can cause problems with other people and other dogs if you cannot control your dog's enthusiastic (and sometimes obnoxious) greeting behaviors.
  • How to make yourself more interesting than birds, as impossible as that might seem, to make walks and outings more pleasant for all involved.
  • How to train a strong "leave it" behavior to keep your dog from eating things that might be dangerous.

Praise for From Birdbrained to Brilliant

Having bred and trained sporting dogs for almost forty years, Dawn's ideas are spot on for understanding the mindset and work ethics of sporting dogs is based around them being "people dogs." As a tracking judge, trainer and exhibitor I can attest that Dawn is correct when she says training sporting dogs is "an investment worth making." Just like making an investment in this book!
Ed Presnall, noted trainer and judge, author of Component Training for TDX and four other books on the subject of tracking

From Birdbrained to Brilliant game me more insight into my beloved retrievers than anything I've read in my 25+ years of working with assistance dogs. Ms. Antoniak-Mitchell provides a treasure trove of information for those of us who love sporting dogs. As entertaining as it is illuminaing, this book has earned a center spot in my library!
Jennifer Arnold, author of Through a Dog's Eyes and In a Dog's Heart

Hunt, point, and/or retrieve yourself a copy of this book. Working with your sporting breed dog's natural traits instead of against them is what From Birdbrained to Brilliant is all about. I'm so excited to see a down to earth and practical book that gives clear training and management exercises for field bred dogs.
Inga From, CPDT-KSA, owner Positive Gun Dogs of Minnesota

First of all, who could resist this title? I work with all breeds and each group brings something a little different to the table. Dawn's knowledge of sporting dogs is going to be invaluable to you because her insights into their instincts will improve your training and your dogs will live better lives because you will have learned how to understand and communicate better with them.
Brenda Aloff, author of Puppy Problems? No Problem and several other best selling books and DVDs

Train a terrier!? It can be done but...
All kinds of dogs have a number of hard-wired traits bred into them. Hounds love to follow their noses, Retrivers love to fetch, and Herding dogs love to herd. With few exceptions, these are pretty harmless activities and don't stand in the way of training. Terriers, however, were bred to hunt and kill vermin independently, digging underground and barking excitedly, almost impervious to pain. Let's see...just a few challenges to overcome in training: strong prey drive, independence, feistiness, digging, barking, the list goes on. In Terrier-Centric Dog Training author Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell takes up the challenge to help terrier owners train their dogs by making sure they understand the instincts bred into terriers and what the most effective training and management techniques are to use when working with a "natural born killer." You CAN train your terier!

Learn to:

  • Make yourself the most important thing in your terrier's world to keep his attention and focus on you.
  • Reward your terrier by allowing him to engage in behaviors he wants to do in exchange for doing what you want him to do first.
  • Help your touch-sensitive terrier become comfortable while being handled and groomed.
  • Identify your terrier's "bubble," the space within which he is likely to become reactive towards people, other dogs, and whatever else he views as distractions.
  • Recognize what you can and cannot expect from a terrier in terms of trainabililty - being realistic is very important.

What experts are saying about Terrier-Centric Dog Training

So many dog trainers just don't "get" the terrier thing. To my absolute delight, Dawn "gets it". No excuses for terrier behavior, just facts and the best kind of advice for living with terriers and shaping them to behave as good citizens while respecting and understanding their terrier-ness. I was thrilled to see the emphasis she gives to teaching dogs to live safely with people and to be calm and happy with human interactions. And this is so important because so many trainers and owners are quite intimidated by the strong emotions and opinions that terriers bring to the table. The book's well explained and appropriate protocols show that you can indeed train a terrier - and if you do, you can call yourself a dog trainer!
Brenda Aloff, author of Agression in Dogs and Puppy Problems? No Problem

Anyone who wants to connect with a terrier will find the keys right here. The way to a terrier's heart and mind is through his natural instincts. Ms. Antoniak-Mitchell has described the portal to reaching terriers and creating the perfect relationship that turns our favorite bad boys into well-behaved and beloved companions.
Jo Ann Frier-Murza, author of Earthdog Ins & Outs

What reviewers are saying

"Expert dog trainer Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell presents Terrier-Centric Dog Training: From Tenacious to Tremendous, a practical how-to guide written especially for terrier owners. Terriers were originally bred selectively to dig and kill burrowing vermin; as a result, their instincts to chase and kill other animals (including cats!) are very powerful, and they are notorious for their loud barking and low arousal thresholds. So how does one teach a "natural born killer" to behave? Chapters teach the viewer how to keep their terrier's attention and focus, use the terrier's desired behaviors as rewards (for example, if the terrier wants to bark at a squirrel and you want to train him to come when called, an efffective intermittent reward is to let your terrier bark at the squirrel for a little while after he comes to you), be aware of your terrier's "bubble" (people, dogs, or things that come too close tho his personal space can set off a chain reaction), and more. Perhaps most important is understanding that terriers will always be terriers, not border collies or Labtrador retrievers, and plan one's training appropriately; for example, pets that are prey animals (rabbits, birds, piglets, etc.) will never be safe when alone with a terrier, no matter his training. Terrier-Centric Dog Training lives up to its title and is hightly recommended as a solid reference for terrier owners everywhere." James A. Cox

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