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Have you ever felt like your dog is interested in everything in the world except you? Does your dog mind you at home but nowhere else? Does your dog lack self-control in new environments, around new people or in exciting situations? If you answered "YES!" to any of these questions, then this is the class for you and your dog! You will learn how to foster better attention from your dog and help him develop basic impulse-control skills. You can even learn how to use the very things that distract your dog to increase his desire to pay attention to you and exhibit self-control at home and on the road.

This is a great class for adolescent and adult dogs with attention and impulse control issues and for most dogs looking for a "first group class".

Requirements: Dog must be at least eight months old, or have permission

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Can my child train the dog in the class? Click here for the answers.

Class Length: 6 weeks
Class Size: 6

Class Price: $110.00

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