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Life has a funny way of interfering with weekly dog training classes, so we've set up a BonaFide Puppy Foundations Flex class that will allow you to attend classes around your schedule! Complete the class in as few as two weeks or as many as six - you decide!

BonaFide's Puppy Foundations class provides the perfect balance between socialization and training for young puppies. Each 45 minute class will be divided into socialization, basic training and discussion time designed to make learning fun for you and your puppy. By interacting with other puppies in a supervised, carefully-structured socialization period, your puppy will learn valuable skills that only other dogs can teach him. He will learn to control his biting strength and appropriately interact with other dogs - vital skills for a bite-free, fight-free life. Your puppy will also be gently exposed to various everyday sights and sounds while having a great time with his new puppy friends so he develops confidence in new situations. During the training portion of the class you will learn how to teach your puppy to settle down in new environments, offer eye contact, come when called, sit, down, leave things alone and follow you on lead. We will use positive reinforcement training methods that won't stress you or your puppy.

This early-development class is designed for puppies up to 16 weeks of age. If your puppy is already four months (16 wks) old, please see our AKC STAR Puppy class!

Requirements: This class is for puppies between 2 and 4 months of age

When you enroll your puppy in this class, you will receive a credit for four sessions to use within six weeks from date of purchase. Class must be completed before your puppy is 4 months of age. You may choose to attend the same day every week like a traditional class format, or you can mix and match days to fit your schedule.

Note: Puppy Flex scheduling may change quarterly; classes will be offered two to three times a week, but the day/time may be adjusted.

Please see our web calendar for exact scheduling. Class may not meet on certain dates due to holidays, competitions, workshops, etc.

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Can my child train the dog in the class? Click here for the answers.

Class Price: $77.00
Class Plus Option (What's This??): Additional $40.00

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Have questions? Check out our FAQ page for more information.

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