About Bonafide Day Academy

How is Bonafide Day Academy different from traditional daycare?

Our Day Academy Program was developed and is overseen by certified professional trainers as an alternative to the traditional doggie daycare model. We’ve created a program that balances physical exercise, mental enrichment and structured relaxation time to support your dog’s physical, mental and behavioral health. We believe daycare should be about more than sending your dog home tired. Our program is designed to promote lasting improvement in your dogs’ overall behavior.

What are some of the benefits of Bonafide Day Academy?

  • Our Day Academy is a great option for dogs who do not do well in traditional daycare due to fear, over-arousal, physical ailments or behavioral concerns.
  • Safety is our top priority. Social play partners are matched based on size and personality, and introduced safely and slowly. Small group play with never exceed 5 dogs total.
  • We are a force free facility. We use structured activity, smart management and positive reinforcement to promote good behavior, never harsh punishments.
  • Large groups and lack of structure can be a breeding ground for bad habits like barking and jumping. Our program balances training and playtime to not only prevent this, but improve overall behavior over time.

What will my dog’s day look like?

Each day, your dog will rotate through a number of different personalized activities:

  • A one on one basic training session. Topics rotate weekly:
    •  Stay (Sit/Down)
    •  Loose leash walking
    • Recall
    • Settle on a mat
  • Personalized play time. Options include:
    • One on one play with a handpicked canine friend
    • Small group play
    • One on one play with a staff member
  • An extra-curricular training session. Activities rotate weekly:
    • Nose work
    • Agility
    • Tricks
    • Canine Fitness
  • Potty and sniff walks every 2 hours
  • Relaxation time with a mental enrichment toy or chew to promote crate training.
  • Add-on an a private training session for an additional $50/week

Available Tuesday – Friday  7:30 am – 6:00 pm

Monthly Pricing:
1 day/week:   $240 ($60/day)
2 days/week: $400 ($50/day)
3 days/week: $600 ($50/day)
4 days/week: $720 ($45/day)


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    1 day/week: $240 ($60/day)2 days/week: $400 ($50/day)3 days/week: $600 ($50/day)4 days/week: $720 ($45/day)

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday