Bonafide Day Academy

What is Bonafide Day Academy? 

Our Day Academy is a training and enrichment based daycare program developed by certified professional trainers. The program combines elements of socialization, physical and mental exercise, enrichment and structured rest times. These elements are designed to not only send your dog home tired, but to maximize their overall physical, mental and behavioral wellness.

Why Choose Bonafide Day Academy over traditional daycare?

  • Expertise. Our team is made of up certified professional trainers and dedicated apprentices with extensive training in canine body language and behavior.
  • Safety. We conduct thorough temperament tests for each dog coming into our facility, and match canine playmates based on individual personalities and play styles. Our play groups are made up of 5 dogs or less and we offer a variety of alternative activities for dogs who are not suited to social time.
  • Training. Each dog will work through a step by step training plan designed to teach basic manners while strategically adding in distractions and fading food or toy reinforcements. We also offer quarterly trainer conferences where pet parents can receive personalized advice on working with their dog at home at no additional cost.
  • Enrichment.  All dogs participate in a daily enrichment training session doing activities such as nose work, agility, tribball (urban herding) and more.