Course Plus

Need a little extra guidance? Want a “put it into practice” session with an instructor? Not a problem! Select BonaFide classes are now offering a “Class Plus” option. When you enroll in the class, you have the option of buying the class by itself, or the class plus a thirty-minute private with your instructor at a reduced price! Get the opportunity to train with your class instructor one-on-one to drive home behaviors worked on in your group sessions. Your “Class Plus” private can be done in-home** or at BonaFide to make the most of your training experience!


  • Class Plus option must be selected at time of class purchase. This option is not available after the registration process, and is not available for purchase on its own. If a class has the Class Plus option, you will see both a Purchase Class button and a Purchase Class Plus button.
  • Class Plus private is a 30-minute session for the puppy or dog enrolled in the class only. No multi-dog sessions or sessions with other dogs living in the same house will be done during a Class Plus session.
  • Class Plus private must be completed within four weeks of the end of the group class.
  • Class Plus private will be conducted at BonaFide Dog Academy, at a time agreed upon by the instructor.
  • Instructor must be notified more than 24 hours in advance of your private if you have to reschedule.
  • Private sessions not used within the four-week timeframe or not rescheduled as per the guidelines above will be considered null and void.
  • Class Plus privates are non-transferrable and non-refundable.