CPE SpeedWay

About the Course

SpeedWay is an exciting new Canine Performance Event using hoops, tunnels and barrels.  SpeedWay consists of the following classes:

Pitstop allows individual dogs to compete in a challenging tunnel only numbered course, guided by their handler with accuracy and speed.

Slingshot  Maneuver through a set course of hoops and tunnels, with accuracy and speed, while adding the potential for the dog to show the ability to work at a distance.

Hairpin Team is an event for 2 dog teams much like a relay race in which each dog must complete their portion of a 100-yard course, while responding to a handler’s commands to quickly navigate through the course.

Pole Position is a course where the dog will need to show their ability to navigate around “poles” (barrels) in response to a handler’s commands, with accuracy and speed.  This can also be run as a team.

Start your Engines, Run Fast and Furious, Cross the Finish Line! As Always, Have Fun!

Join us for this fun, exciting new sport class that most any dog can participate in!

Check out the sport in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIbeNRMak-g


Bring to class:

  • Treats
  • Vaccination Records
  • A 6 foot leash – non retractable

Class Length: 4 weeks
Class Size: 8
Price: $120.00
Categories: Sports

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