Day Academy FAQ

My dog doesn’t like other dogs. Can they still attend?” 

Yes. As long as your dog can be safely managed in our facility, our program is a great fit for dogs who do not play well with others. For safety reasons, dogs with extreme predatory aggression are not suitable. If you have questions as to whether or not our program would work for your pet for this reason, please contact us to discuss further.


“What time do I pick up and drop off?”

Our drop off window is between 7AM and 9AM

Our pick up window is between 4PM and 6PM

The building is CLOSED from 9AM to 4PM. Late drop off and early pick up are available at a small additional fee ($5).


“What does my dog do all day?”

Daily activities include:

  • A private Homeroom Manners training session with their assigned trainer
  • A private Extra-Curricular Skills training session with their assigned trainer
  • Recess (activities include social play with other dogs, trail walks, toy play or nose work.)
  • Morning enrichment (foraging food toys)
  • Afternoon calming enrichment (calming food toys and aromatherapy)
  • Structured nap time


“What is your Homeroom Manners Program?”

Homeroom Manners is the basic training program we designed exclusively for our Day Academy students. It includes all of the essential skills for pet dogs at the lower levels, all the way up to skills for therapy and service dogs at the higher levels.

Our students work daily with their assigned trainer on learning the skills to pass each level of examination. Once they are ready, the student and their trainer will demonstrate their ability to pass the examination and be awarded the corresponding graduation certification. They will then move to the next level of training.

You can see the examination requirements here: Bonafide Day Academy Homeroom Manners Examination Requirements


“What is your Extra-Curricular Skills Program?”

Our Extra-Curricular Skills Program gives each of our students the opportunity to shine in an activity that best suits them. We evaluate each dog on an individual basis for which activities they enjoy the most and work through a training plan to help them succeed in the corresponding sport.

We base these training plans off of a variety of different online titling venues. This gives pet parents the option to easily participate in the dog sport their dog enjoys, and earn ribbons, as well!

You can see links to the online programs we are currently working on at the bottom of the Homeroom Manners Examination Requirements document. We will continue to add more as they become available. Most of our students start off working on the Fenzi TEAM skills, as this program covers a variety of foundation skills for all sports and allows us to see which aspects each dog excels in before moving onto higher levels of training.


“Do I need to bring food?”

We do not require parents to bring their pets food, but we recommend that you do. This way we can use a portion of their daily feeding for training and food toys, and avoid adding too many extra calories.


“How does the process of scheduling days/payment work?”

Upon being accepted into the program, you will receive access to our online scheduling portal. From there, you can schedule your daycare days from home. We recommend scheduling your full month in advance as our program has very limited space and spots are first come, first served.

Due to the structured nature of our program, we do not offer day by day payment. Clients purchase the number of days they would like to attend in a month and then schedule as needed from there. Days do not roll over from month to month.


“What are your age requirements?”

Puppies must be 8 weeks of age and have had their first 2 rounds of shots to be accepted into the program. Senior dogs are welcome provided they are physically well enough to safely participate in the program.


Any other questions? Contact us directly. We’re happy to help!