Frequently Asked Questions

What vaccinations must my dog have to attend class?

All dogs over four months old MUST have a current rabies vaccination (as required by law), as well as vaccinations against canine hepatitis, canine parvo, and distemper, to attend class. It is also recommended, but not required, that any dog over four months old also be vaccinated against leptospirosis and bordetella. Your veterinarian can provide expert advice on the proper vaccination schedule for your puppy or dog. Proof of vaccinations must be provided at the first class meeting or when requested by the class instructor.

How do I know if class is cancelled due to bad weather?

BonaFide Dog Academy rents space from Ralston Veterinary Clinic, but we are not owned by them and they are not aware of our class schedules. If you have any questions about class cancellations, do NOT call Ralston Vet Clinic. Instead, call BonaFide at 402.250.9452 and listen to the voice mail message, or go to our What’s New page and look for a posting regarding classes. We will try to post weather-related cancellations at least one hour prior to the start of the classes, but that isn’t always possible, particularly when bad weather quickly develops in the spring and summer. Use your common sense and stay home if you are concerned about the weather. You will still receive any class handouts via email and can discuss the material with your instructor at your next class meeting or via email during the week.

I registered my dog for a class, but now I don't see it on my unpaid list of classes. What happened to it?

Because of our very small class size, our classes often fill quickly. In fairness to everyone, class registration spots are only guaranteed by payment for the class on a first-paid, first-served basis. If you don’t pay for a class, you might get removed from the class if other owners register and pay before you pay for your class. To guarantee you get a place in a class, it is highly recommended you pay when you register.

I saw a class a few days ago on the website, but now it's gone. What happened to it?

When a class fills with paid registrations, it is removed from the website to prevent confusion and unsuccessful attempts to register. If you saw a class the last time you were on the website and can’t find it when you return, it means the class filled and is no longer available this session for additional registrations. Classes are posted around the first of each month for the following month. The best way to get a spot in a class you are interested in is to register and pay when you first see the class.

Where are you located? I get several locations when I look you up on the internet

Our current location is 10931 Harrison Street La Vista, NE  68128. Unfortunately, Googlemaps and certain Yahoo products continue to use our previous location address, as well as our billing address, on certain listings that are commonly pulled up when searching for BonaFide Dog Academy on the internet. We have tried repeatedly to get this information changed, without success. The current address is on our website, as well as on the class reminder email that is sent to all students prior to the start of every class.

Can my child train our dog in class?

We do allow children under 18 to train dogs in class. However, a parent or guardian MUST be present for the entire class and willing and able to take over training, if necessary. The child must be able to handle the dog physically, take direction from the instructor, and not disrupt the class for other students. Instructor permission is required. You can email or call to speak with the instructor about your child training in class.

Can my family attend class with me?

We welcome the entire family to attend training class and participate in training at home. However, we only allow ONE handler per class to actually work with the dog, in order to be fair to all the students in class. The rest of the family is welcome to observe and listen. Children should be able to sit quietly for 45 minutes to avoid disrupting the class for other students if they attend class.

I think my dog might be sick. Should I stay home from class?

Please be considerate to your classmates and leave your dog home if you suspect he might be ill. You are still welcome to attend class to observe and, in some situations, the instructor might have her personal dog available for you to practice with during class, so you can work with your own dog at home during the week and avoid falling behind. You will still receive any class handouts to keep you current with class materials, even if you don’t attend.

I didn't get my class handouts. What happened?

Class handouts are automatically sent to all paid class participants at 11PM the night of the class to the email address provided during the registration process. The most common reasons handouts appear to be missing are because the wrong email address is being checked for the material and the handout has been sent to spam. Please check the email address you used when you registered for the class, and if it isn’t there, check the spam folder. If you still can’t find the handout, contact us at and we will provide you the handout. If you prefer paper copies of the handouts, let your instructor know during class.

My dog falls under the breed-specific ordinances in place in Omaha. Do I have to muzzle him to attend classes at BonaFide?

If you are attending a class at our location at 6880 S. 78th Street, you are in Ralston. Ralston does not have breed-specific ordinances in place, so you do NOT have to muzzle your dog if he is one of those listed in Omaha’s ordinance. However, if you attend one of our classes that meets elsewhere in the Metro area where the ordinance applies (for example, our Old Market Field Trip classes), you must comply with the ordinance while you are in class. There are no exceptions to this compliance policy while you are in class.

What terms & conditions must I agree to in order to receive training services?

Please review our latest Terms & Conditions at this link: Click Here
Our Privacy Policy can be found at this link: Click Here