Out-and-About Puppy Training

About the Course

The first four months of your puppy’s life are critical when it comes to him developing key social skills and behavioral foundations. What happens in those 16 weeks will impact him for the rest of his life. Once those weeks go by, it is impossible to completely make up for his developmental deficits. Unfortunately, many owners simply don’t have the time to provide puppies the regular, appropriate socialization experiences the young dogs so desperately need during those first few months in their new homes. Out-and-About Private Puppy Training is designed specifically to fill that void in your puppy’s life experiences while giving you a head start on your puppy’s training.

Your puppy will learn:

  • How to travel quietly in a vehicle in a crate
  • How to calmly be away from family and other dogs in the house for short periods of time
  • How to appropriately interact with new environments, people, and other dogs
  • Basic good manner skill foundations – sit, down, come, off, give, polite walking, potty on leash, nipping

You will receive:

  • A puppy with a phenomenal start to life as a great family companion in your home!
  • An opportunity to provide your puppy a break in his day to get out of the house, relieve himself, and have some fun learning important life lessons
  • Videos of training sessions uploaded to a private YouTube channel so you can review exactly how to train your pup between private sessions
  • A one-on-one session at the end of the session package to review your puppy’s progress and discuss how to maintain your puppy’s new skills

With Out-and-About Private Puppy Training, we will start to train and teach you how to maintain the social skills and good manners your puppy will gain from this experience!

This is a VERY limited session package currently based on daytime trainer availability. It is recommended that you reserve your package PRIOR to bringing your puppy home to be sure he gets the training he needs, when he needs it!

*** NOTE: Mileage charges apply for sessions outside the Omaha metro area


  • Puppy under 16 weeks old and current on vaccinations
  • Well-fitted buckle collar and fixed-length leash
  • Selection of treats your puppy loves

Once you register, we will contact you to discuss trainer availability, answer any questions you have, approve your registration for payment and make arrangements to meet with you in person to discuss access to your dog and how to access videos and contact the trainer during the session.

Package 1: Two sessions per week for four weeks (eight training sessions + 1 private post-session consult total) $650.00
Package 2: Three sessions per week for four weeks (twelve training sessions + 1 private post-session consult total) $900.00
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To Enroll

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your dog in the Out and About training program.

To enroll, first create a Bonafide Dog Academy account (if you already have an account, simply login): https://www.bonafidedogacademy.com/my-account/

Next, fill out the customer information page for you and your dog at:

  1. Please login to view this link.

  2. Please login to view this link.

Finally, please complete the Supplemental Questionnaire below.

These pages will provide us general information about your dog, his personality, his health information, and ways to contact you while your dog is in the program. The additional questionnaire will provide us additional information so that our training is consistent with any training you may have already done with your dog, and also help us provide the most comfortable, stress-free introduction to our program as possible for your dog.

Once you have created your customer page and returned your supplemental questionnaire, you will be provided the link to pay for the training program. The instructor who will be working with your dog will also contact you to schedule the pick up date for your dog and answer any other questions you may have about the program. If you have any questions about this questionnaire, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 402.250.9452.

Supplemental Questionnaire


    If you have already trained, or started to train, any of the following behaviors, please provide the verbal cue/command you use and, if applicable, a description of any hand signal you may use for each behavior. Leave behaviors your dog doesn’t know blank.


    Please mark all types of exercise your dog currently receives, and indicate for each one how far/long he does each in a typical exercise session:


    Please describe your dog’s favorite treats, toys, games, and interactions so that we can make him feel as comfortable as possible while he is in the program.


    Please provide information about your dog’s diet and feeding schedule


    Please provide information about your dog’s comfort and experience with being in a crate.



    Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about your dog that will help us provide a comforting, safe environment for your dog while he is in the program?