Private Training

We know that finding time to attend dog training classes can be difficult with all the other responsibilities and activities the typical family has these days, so save the strain on you and your time by scheduling private training with a Bonafide dog trainer! We will develop a training plan specifically for you and your dog. Puppy owners may want help with housebreaking, nipping and teaching Puppy basic behaviors while dog owners may need help polishing leash manners on walks or stopping incessant barking. Whatever you need to help your dog become a happy, well-adjusted member of the family, we will help you meet your goals!

Private sessions can be held either in-home or at our facility. The number of sessions will vary depending on the training plan and the number of behaviors addressed. Call us at 402.250.9452 or e-mail us for more information!

Cost:  $150.00 per session

Private Courses

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