Level 2 – Basic Manners

1 Credit

Does your dog sit calmly when meeting people? Come when called? Walk politely on a loose leash? Level 2 training classes will give you, the dog owner, all the skills you need to train your dog to have great manners.  Skills/concepts taught in this course include: Stay with distractions, loose leash walking, proper greetings, settle and leave it.  

Recommended for dogs who have previously completed Level 1 Training.
Class sessions are 45 minutes long.

Choose the day of the week and time to attend the class. Registration is required to keep our class enrollments at 6.  If you can’t attend 4 consecutive days, you can skip a week or choose another day to attend class.    You have 45 days from purchase to complete Level 1. No refunds will be given. 

Step 1 –  Purchase 4 “credits” for Level 2 course (An account will be created for you during checkout if you don’t have one)

Step 2 – Login to the same account you purchased the credits from. Book classes by selecting the date and time on the calendar below and clicking “Book Now”.  If you have problems with booking dates, please email susan@bonafidedogacademy.com with the requested class date & time. 

Cost: $140.00 

Bring to class:
Your dog
Vaccination records


Level Credits Required

Before registering, ensure you have purchased Level Credits first. If not, visit: https://www.bonafidedogacademy.com/buy-credits/