Puppy Focus and Self-Control

About the Course

Is your puppy calm, focused, and have self control?  If not, it’s okay, you have a perfectly normal puppy!  Would you like to teach these concepts to your puppy in a fun and game filled environment?  Yes, by playing games we can begin instilling the concepts of calm, focus, and self-control at an early age that will help your puppy for the rest of their lives!   Below is an example of a game played in class:

Boil & Simmer – using quick bursts of high energy and lower energy helps dogs develop an on/off switch

Begin with being calm with your dog, calm voice, gentle petting

Bring out a toy and play with them, get them revved up to a boil

Stop moving and go back to calm movement, calm voice, bringing them back to a simmer

Repeat, switching being high energy & low energy, keep each step of the game very short

When finished, end with a simmer session, but let your dog keep the toy until they stop playing with it on their own

Once they’ve stopped playing, pick the toy up and end the game


Requirements: Dog must be no more than 1 year old and have completed Puppy 101 or have permission

Bring to First Class:

  • Your dog
  • Treats
  • Vaccination Records
  • A Positive Attitude
  • A Sense of Humor

Class Length: 4 weeks
Class Size: 6
Class Price: $100.00
Categories: Puppy, Teen, Manners, Attention

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