Puppy Life Skills 1

About the Course

Puppy Life Skills 1 class provides the perfect balance between socialization and training for young puppies. Each 45 minute class will be divided into socialization, basic training and discussion time designed to make learning fun for you and your puppy. By interacting with other puppies in a supervised, carefully-structured socialization period, your puppy will learn valuable skills that only other dogs can teach. Your puppy will be gently exposed to various everyday sights and sounds which develops confidence in new situations. Additional topics include potty training and crate training. 

We only use positive reinforcement training methods that won’t stress you or your puppy.

This early-development class is designed for puppies up to 16 weeks of age.  See Puppy Life Skills 2 for puppies older than 16 weeks. 

Requirements: This class is for puppies between 2 and 4 months of age

Bring to First Class:

  • Your dog
  • Treats
  • Vaccination Records

Class Length: 4 weeks

Class Size: 6

Class Price: $120.00