Walking Boot Camp

About the Course

Walking Boot Camp is the perfect solution for people who are short on time but long on uncontrollable dog! This class will meet two weeks, for two hours each week, to provide you and your dog the opportunity to work on polite leash walking both in the classroom and out in the real world.

Going for walks with your dog can either be really fun or really stressful, depending on how well your dog walks on leash. If you are struggling to get your dog under control on your strolls, then this bootcamp-style class is just for you! This class will meet for two hours each week for two weeks, providing you more in-depth opportunities to learn how to teach your dog to walk politely on leash without a month-long class commitment. Come prepared to work hard and leave with tools, tips, and training tricks to help your dog become an enjoyable walking partner!

Requirements: Dog must be at least six months old

Plate note: This class meets 2 hours per night for only 2 weeks, for a total of 4 hours.

Class Length: 2 weeks (2 hours per week)
Class Size: 6
Price: $120.00
Categories: Puppy, Teen, Adult, Manners, Advanced

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