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Loose Leash Walking

Walking your dog shouldn’t be a chore! Learn how to turn your evening battles into pleasant strolls.

i. Default to eye contact
ii. Leash mechanics
iii. Red light/green light – capturing a loose leash
iv. Connect the dots – teaching a formal heel
v. Building a reinforcement history and fading treats
vi. Using access as reinforcement: teaching the “go sniff” cue

Cost:  $60.00

Rockin' Recall

Learn to teach a rock solid recall, using games! This workshop focuses on teaching distance control using the same methods we use in our foundation sport classes to create quick, reliable and enthusiastic recalls.

i. Rules of recall: 90%, no punishment, sacred cues
ii. Teaching a send to target
iii. Adding a cue
iv. Adding duration
v. Distance cues vi. Teaching recall vii. Building speed
viii. Building value with reinforcement delivery

Cost:  $60.00

Training Skills for Humans

Focusing on the human end of the leash. No dogs in class. Learn how to improve training mechanics like timing, reward placement, creating training plans and adapting to your dog.

Cost:  $60.00