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Enrichment and Games Workshop!

Is your furry friend feeling bored and unstimulated? Our Canine Enrichment Workshop is here to provide you with the best ways to keep your dog mentally and physically engaged! We understand how important it is to keep your dog happy and healthy, and that’s why we’ve gathered some of the most exciting games and enrichment activities for your furry friend.

Our workshop provides you with both store-bought and DIY ideas that are easy to make and customize to your dog’s needs. By stimulating their minds, you’re keeping your dog entertained and improving their overall well-being. No more destructive behavior or restless nights- our enrichment ideas will keep your dog occupied and happy throughout the day.

Join us with your canine companion, learn how to make your own DIY puzzles and games, and discover the best store-bought options to keep your dog engaged and fulfilled. Don’t let your furry friend get bored- join our Canine Enrichment Workshop and see the difference in their behavior!

1 Hour 

Cost:  $30.00